Pest birds cause damage, spread diseases and cost home owners and businesses thousands of dollars in repair and clean-up bills. Anti-bird spikes have been helping wage the war against pest birds roosting on properties. To understand why you should consider installing bird spikes, here are the 3 most important reasons.

Maintenance and clean-up costs

The uric acid in bird faeces can be damaging to paintwork and metalwork if not cleaned up as soon as possible. Birds will roost in the hardest to reach places so you can be experiencing damage to the outer fabric of your building without being able to see the problems, let alone reach them to carry out a clean up. The debris from nesting materials can also clog up drains and other water outlets which causes water blockage and overflow. Once water finds its way into the property, it can damage ceilings and walls, as well as the electrics, which are not cheap to repair. Removing down walls or ceiling tiles to get to the wiring  all comes at a cost which can be avoided by the installation of stainless steel bird spikes.

Cleaning up and disinfecting the areas where the birds are landing, and roosting, involves costs particularly if you need to get scaffolding up to the hard-to-reach places. Even then once cleaned, the birds will try to return and you may end up paying for these costs all over again. Cleaning down windows and ledges that you can reach becomes a chore that has to be undertaken more than usual when pest birds are in the vicinity.

Reduction of risk to human health

Pest bird droppings contain acidic properties and if left unchecked, they also contain bacteria that poses a risk to health. If you have young children who have increased vulnerability or older dependants, then the risk to their health is increased. There are a number of diseases spread by birds that are transmissible to humans, so you need to prevent them gathering in large numbers by using anti-bird spikes.

The same goes for business owners who have a duty of care to their employees and to the public who need to visit their premises. Not keeping a check on the bird pest population will not only give customers a negative experience of your business but if they become ill due to your property, there is public liability. It is important to keep all buildings safe and clear of bird droppings so if there are pest birds roosting on the property, you will need to take action by installing bird spikes.

Reduce the risk of other pests and parasites

Along with dirt and debris, pest birds also host or attract a number of other pests and parasites. These birds live together in groups and when nesting or roosting, use the droppings and mess they make to mark their territory. As they are not the cleanest of creatures, they bring insects and parasites which live in and around the area where they are roosting. In addition, if they have a food source, they will inevitably drop particles of food as they fly back and forth, so that ground pests will also be attracted to the area. This could mean further disease-carrying pests such as mice and rats.

Prevention is the best method so speak to the experts at VEXO for more information about bird spikes in Australia and get your installation booked as soon as possible. We have over 30 years’ experience in producing custom-made, high quality bird spikes through rigorous quality control and testing. Contact our experts today!