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We are Australia’s leading supplier of anti-bird spikes and bird control products, including solar panel bird mesh, bird netting and more. If you would like to prevent birds from creating a mess with their droppings, or even nesting on and around your premises, installing the right bird deterrent devices is your best solution. In addition to preventing potential health hazards, our anti-bird spikes can keep these birds from setting up residence on your property, without harming them.

Why choose Vexo

Our custom-made products are designed through rigorous quality control and testing. They are engineered from the highest quality materials to stand up to the Australian environment. As an Australian family owned and operated business, we have refined our manufacturing process over two generations, and are proud to offer 20 years’ warranty on our bird prevention spikes.

Our effective anti-bird spikes can be installed on building ledges, gutters, pipes, window sills, beams etc. They are used across the world in US, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia, on landmark buildings and public infrastructures. If you’re looking for more information or keen on purchasing our bird deterrent products, view our list of stockists and installers.