Do the spikes you install last?

In Australia, the industry standard for professional bird control spikes have traditionally been a polycarbonate base with stainless steel spikes. They are light and easy to break into smaller pieces by hand, however they breakdown under the harsh UV in Australia. Even when they contain UV inhibitors, they become brittle within a few years under the sun and can break off with light force.

The market is now seeing the introduction of more durable and better performing bird spikes made entirely from stainless steel. The advantage of a reliable product is that it ensures the job gets done right the first time. An efficient installation benefits Pest Controllers and their clients.

In addition to withstanding UV radiation, full stainless steel spikes outperform and outlast other spikes in other ways. They come in larger pieces for faster installation, allowing installers to complete their job in less than half the time of foot long spikes. The stainless steel base is also malleable, allowing greater flexibility to conform to curved surfaces such as signages.

VEXO bird spikes are an Australian owned product, developed by family business that started with a German partnership over 20 years ago. Since then VEXO spikes have been used across Europe, USA and Japan. They have been used on large scale projects such as the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, and the Parliament building in Berlin, as well as Narita International airport in Tokyo. Locally, VEXO spikes have been installed on top of commercial and council buildings in coastal regions of Victoria.

The difference with VEXO comes down to a special in-house precision weld technology that allows precise, reliable welds without causing rust failure.

Elite Bird Control, one of Victoria’s leading bird control specialists have switched to using VEXO spikes. Matt Blades, co-director of Elite Bird Control said “We are familiar with all the major brands that are currently available out there in the market place. We are now finding that the VEXO Bird Spikes are far superior in quality. We have also found that the VEXO team has always provided and supported us with great customer service too. Elite Bird Control will only offer our clients the best products and brands available and so we will continue to use the VEXO products.”

Jason Green, general manager of Agserv has found that these spikes “offer professional pest controllers with a high quality, durable alternative and having the backing of an Australian owned manufacturer who is committed to delivering superior products to the market is a real plus.”

Installation of bird control spikes is still an area an area of growth in the Australian pest control industry. A relatively new segment with much to be gained by installers. VEXO spikes have been tried and tested successfully over two decades, giving pest managers peace of mind that their installation will last.