Queensland tops the list for the highest number of solar power systems in a state. Along with this comes the growing problem of pigeons nesting under panels and making a mess of what was meant to be a wise investment. Homeowners invest in solar power to save money on electricity, however, if panels are not properly cleaned and protected from pests, solar systems can quickly become inefficient, and damaged. This can even pose a fire hazard as a result of the accumulated nesting debris.

Last week ABC radio Brisbane explored the growing problem of pigeons harbouring under solar panels to take refuge and nest. Ivan Cindric, a guest who was interviewed for the session, warned homeowners against drilling or screwing mesh onto the solar panels themselves. He states that, “If you screw something into your panels, you’ve actually voided the warranty”. So, what other options are homeowners left with?

In this article, we take a look at the numerous benefits of solar panel bird mesh and how it can help resolve bird invasion issues without harming rooftop solar systems.

1. Keeps your solar panels in excellent condition

As already mentioned, bird invasions can cause permanent damage that is not covered under the warranty of panels. From eroding the aluminium frames and staining the solar panel facade to tampering with the electrical wiring of your solar panels, bird-related damages can potentially lead to the significant loss of solar panel function. With a solar panel bird mesh kit, you can ensure your solar panels remain protected and functionally effective for years to come.

2. Prevent property damage

When birds nest on your solar panels, faeces and nesting remnants can easily accumulate under the panels. Nesting material and feathers create blockages and cause water build-up under panels that can seep through the cracks and tiles of your roofs. Solar panel bird proofing solutions will protect your property and prevent birds from nesting.

3. Protect yourself and your loved ones

Various parasites and transmissible diseases are present in bird nesting material and droppings. Bird nesting material also attract other types of pests, such as vermin. Installing quality solar panel mesh will not only help to protect your health, but also the well-being of those around you and keep all kinds of troublesome and unhygienic pests away.

4. Maintain property aesthetics

Due to its acidic nature, bird droppings can leave a permanent stain on your property, making your solar panels look unsightly. You might also find droppings and nesting remnants all over your verandas and gutters, further affecting the overall aesthetics of your property. With bird mesh solar panels, you can easily boost your home’s exterior appearance by keeping your panels sleek, shiny and clean.

Why should you choose the MZ30 Solar Mesh Guard Kit?

The MZ30  solar panel bird mesh is made from stainless steel that is coated in thick protective PVC. UV resistant and secured with proprietary designed nylon fasteners, this kit requires virtually no maintenance. Annual visual inspections are only needed to ensure no debris is collected on the mesh. Our solar panel bird mesh is capable of protecting the roof, solar panel, and electrical wiring from damage inflicted by birds and rodents. Using this solar panel mesh, you will be able to build an effective physical barrier around your panels to keep birds and rodents from nesting underneath. Offering a worry-free panel protection, MZ30 securely safeguards your panels without damaging or voiding its warranty.


  • Durable PVC coated stainless steel mesh to last under the harsh Australian weather
  • Securely fastens against the panel without marking or damaging it to protect panel warranty
  • Simple and secure DIY installation

With more and more homeowners switching to sustainable solar energy, pest birds like pigeons and gulls pose a threat to our green homes as well. If you are therefore looking for cost-effective solar panel bird deterrent mesh or proofing, then look no further than VEXO. For over 30 years, VEXO has been the pioneer and leader in solar panel bird protection solutions, effectively keeping away birds and other pests. Get in touch with us for a free chat to find out more about our wholesale bird netting products.