19 x 19 mm knotted HDPE


6 ply / 500 denier

Bird netting is the most effective bird control method as it creates a physical barrier that excludes birds from causing damage.

The thin, strong twine allows the net to visually fade away, and from a distance black netting is virtually invisible.

While installing bird netting is more labour intensive, it ensures 100% complete bird proofing solution that is durable and requires no maintenance.

Bird netting prevent expensive losses from bird damage both the building as well as stored goods, machinery and produce.

Available in:

10m x 10m

20m x 10m

20m x 20m

25m x 15m


  • Black Square Mesh Design
  • Twine Thickness: 1.0mm
  • Twine Breaking Strength: 15 Kg
  • GSM: 70 Grams Per Square Metre
  • UV Stabilised
  • Also available with an added Fire Retardant or stainless steel reinforced for specified construction applications.