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Solarguard® Pro

MZ30 Solar Mesh Guard Kit

200 mm (H) x 30 M (L)

The number 1 choice for solar panel protection. Trusted by pest control professionals. Solarguard® Pro protects the roof, solar panels, and electrical wiring from potential damage inflicted by birds and other pests. Maintains an effective physical barrier around your solar panels to keep birds from nesting underneath. All this while being barely visible from ground level. The Solarguard® Pro kit contains mesh made from premium grade stainless steel, coated across the full width in thick protective PVC coating. It is UV resistant and secured with proprietary designed, UV stabilised nylon fasteners. Installed correctly, this solar panel solution securely safeguards the panels without damage to the panels or the roof.

Suitable For:

Effective Against:


  • Premium stainless steel mesh, PVC coated edge to edge, to resist harsh Australian conditions
  • Securely fastens without the need to drill or screw
  • Simple and secure installation
  • UV stabilised nylon, proprietary fasteners custom designed for efficient installation

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RRP $215