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MZ30 Solar Mesh Guard Kit


200 mm (H) x 30 metre (L)

Top choice for solar panel protection. This MZ30 solar panel bird mesh protects the roof, solar panel, and electrical wiring from damage inflicted by birds and rodents. Use this solar panel mesh to build an effective physical barrier around your solar panels to keep birds and rodents from nesting underneath.
With the MZ30 solar panel bird mesh, you get a mesh kit made from stainless steel coated in thick protective PVC coating. It is UV resistant and secured with proprietary designed nylon fasteners. For worry-free solar panel protection, this solar panel mesh securely safeguards the panels without damaging or voiding the panel warranty.

Fits on

Solar Panels



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  • Durable PVC coated stainless steel mesh to last under Australian weather
  • Securely fastens against panel without marking or damaging panel, protecting panel warranty
  • Simple and secure DIY installation
  • UV resistant nylon fasteners

Benefits of solar panel bird mesh

  • Solar panel bird mesh kit is easy to install
  • Bird mesh solar panels are an eco-friendly method of pest control
  • Reduced repair costs and longer lifespan of solar panels

3 reviews for MZ30 Solar Mesh Guard Kit

  1. Mike

    It’s very good product with durable material which is not easy be teared. Not only stop birds stay under but also protect my solar panels. So happy, must recommend to others

  2. David

    The team is so helpful and friendly. Happy with the service here and information provided. Just watch the video on their website, easy to follow and install as all I need are in the kit

  3. Ben

    Good impression I had from first contact on the phone with helpful advice. Most importantly, the product performs well.

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