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SGL4 Wide Tall Spike

Stainless Steel Spike

200 mm (W) x 165 mm (H)

SGL4 spikes deter seagulls and other large birds from structures where greater width needs to be covered with extra tall spikes. Manufactured using premium grade 304 stainless steel, this durable and versatile solution will serve as a long-lasting and reliable pest bird deterrent.

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  • Greater spike width for coverage of larger structures
  • Extra tall spikes to deter larger birds such as seagulls, crows, magpies, galahs.
  • Made from 100% high grade SUS304 stainless steel
  • Precision welded for durability and rust resistance
  • Blunt tips to safely deter birds
  • Thin base and spike discreetly blends into background
  • Durable effective protection designed to last for more than 15 years
  • Custom powder coat colours also available upon request
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