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Are you looking for cost-effective solar panel bird protection and proofing?

For over 30 years, VEXO has been the pioneer and leader in solar panel bird protection solutions, effectively keeping away birds and other pests.

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Leading Supplier Of Effective & Humane Solar Panel Bird Protection

Solar panels are a high-value investment for any homeowner. However, they are susceptible to damage as they are ideal nesting shelters for disease-carrying birds and pests. A single home with solar panels can support up to 40 or more pigeons – potentially causing severe damage that is often unlikely to be covered by warranty.

As an Australian-owned and operated family business, VEXO prides itself on producing custom-made, high-quality solar panel bird mesh kits that are rigorously controlled and tested. Durable and easy to install, our solar panel mesh gets rid of birds and prevents them from nesting without causing any harm.

We offer the following solar panel protection products:

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How Does Solar Panel Bird Proofing Work?

Why Do You Need Solar Panel Bird Protection?

Keep your solar panels in excellent condition

Bird invasions can cause permanent damage that is not covered under the panels’ warranty. From eroding the aluminium frames and staining the solar panel facade to tampering with the electrical wiring of your solar panels, bird-related damages can potentially lead to the loss of solar panel function entirely. With our solar panel bird mesh kit, you can ensure your solar panels remain protected and functional for years to come.

Prevent property damage

When birds nest on your solar panels, bird mess and nesting remnants can easily accumulate under the solar panels. The nesting material and feathers will then create blockages and cause water build-up under the solar panels – seeping through the shingles and tiles of your tiled roofs. Our solar panel bird proofing solutions will protect your property and prevent birds from nesting.

Protect yourself and your loved ones

Various parasites and transmissible diseases are present in bird nesting material and droppings. Besides increasing the chances of any mite or lice infestations, bird nesting material also attracts other types of pests, such as vermin. To protect the health of yourself and those around you, install our quality solar bird mesh.

Maintain property aesthetics

Due to its’ acidic nature, bird droppings can leave a permanent stain on your property, making your solar panels look unsightly. You might also find droppings and nesting remnants all over your verandas and gutters, further affecting the overall aesthetics of your property. Boost your home’s exterior appearance and keep your panels’ sleek, shiny and clean with our solar panel bird proofing solutions.

Why Choose VEXO

  • Leading supplier of solar panel bird deterrent mesh with over 30 years’ experience. We design and manufacture these fasteners in house, allowing us to produce better quality products.
  • Custom-made, high-quality products that are rigorously controlled and tested. VEXO solar mesh uses 304 stainless steel adding greater durability.
  • Tried-and-tested solution that requires little to no maintenance. VEXO fastener clips slips through the ½ inch mesh allowing a much faster and smoother install. Our kits are all inclusive, simple to DIY. All you need is safe access and pair of snips.
  • VEXO is an established brand, trusted worldwide. Our wholesale bird netting solutions are used across the world in US, Canada, Europe, and Japan.
  • Guaranteed peace of mind for business owners & occupants. Our trusted network of installers are available to assist where access is challenging.
  • VEXO offers a 6-year product warranty.
  • Widely available at these stockists and product installers.

Why Vexo Is Different From Competitors' Products

  • Other products use galvanised steel for their mesh which will eventually rust after a couple of years, or faster for coastal properties.
  • Our mesh does not scratch as they are cut then coated in PVC.
  • Our nylon fasteners are far more secure than any other products, giving consumers peace of mind that once installed their mesh barrier will not come off after a few years.

Solar Mesh FAQ

How does the mesh fasten to the solar panel?
Solar panel mesh is secured against solar panels with VEXO’s propriety nylon fasteners. These clips under the solar panel and a fastening disc secures the mesh against the panel.

How much does it cost to install solar panel mesh?
Cost to install solar panel mesh will vary depending on the number of panels, how tall they’re installed and difficulty of access. As a rough ballpark, installers can quote anywhere from $40-60/panel for an average easily-accessible install.

What If I need to service the solar panels? Can this mesh be removed and replaced easily?
VEXO solar mesh can be easily removed for servicing or replacement of the panels. Simply cut the nylon fastening disc and remove the clip to release the mesh. New nylon fasteners will need to be used to replace the mesh back onto the panels. Click here to buy fasteners.

What material is the mesh made from?
VEXO solar mesh are made from 304 stainless steel that’s cut and then coated with PVC, covering the tips of the edges. This ensures the mesh does not scratch the hands during installation or damage the roof especially for Colourbond roofs.

How long does this mesh last?
Made from stainless steel and further coated in PVC, VEXO solar mesh will easily last for over 6 years.

Will it clog up with leaves and other debris?
Having the mesh stops all pest and debris from entering and remaining stuck under the panel where it causes overheating of electrical components and damage to the system and roof. If there are large overhanging trees nearby that causes accumulation of leaves, they will rest against the mesh and ultimately get blown away with the wind.

What’s the largest gap the mesh can protect?
VEXO solar mesh are cut to a width of 8 inches or 20cm. This will cover all solar systems that are parallel to the roof slope with a gap less than 15cm high.