Where to buy VEXO bird spikes

You can buy bird spikes and bird mesh from us through our network of stockists all over the country. We have nearly two dozen different stockists, with outlets all throughout Australia, so you will have no problem sourcing where to buy quality bird spikes and bird netting from VEXO.

Moreover, we are proud to offer 20 years’ warranty on our stainless steel bird spikes. If you have any further questions about where to buy bird spikes or becoming a stockist with us, do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer your queries.

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Bird Spikes Melbourne

If you’re looking for bird proofing products and bird spikes in Melbourne, look no further than VEXO! We proudly offer high-quality stainless steel bird spikes and bird control products, including solar panel bird mesh and bird netting. Protect your residence against unwanted birds landing or nesting with bird control products that are humane, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Our bird spikes in Melbourne are easy to install and provide a long-term physical barrier that is effective in preventing birds from roosting on your premises, without injuring them. They have been designed to be far less visible and more durable than plastic bird spikes and require little maintenance. Our solar panel bird mesh kits offer the best solar panel protection to prevent birds from nesting under your solar panels and damaging your investment.

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Why choose VEXO

Engineered from the highest quality materials to stand up to the Australian environment, our high-quality and durable anti bird spikes are an ideal bird deterrent for pigeons and other larger birds. As an Australian family owned and operated business, we have refined our manufacturing process over two generations, and are proud to offer 20 years’ warranty on our bird spikes.

Our reputable suppliers in Melbourne offer stainless steel bird spikes that can be installed on building ledges, gutters, pipes, window sills, and beams, and also specially designed mesh kits for solar panel protection. They are used across the world in US, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia, on landmark buildings and public infrastructures. If you’re looking for more information about our bird spikes in Melbourne, view our list of stockists and installers.