There are some key facts to know about bird spikes because often some misconceptions can arise. The words “bird” and “spike” could give the impression that these are hostile equipment that set out to impale rather than deter birds from landing and roosting on homes and offices. However, that’s not the case!

In this article, we’ll discuss a few key facts about bird control spikes.

What are bird spikes?

Bird spikes create an uninviting place for birds to land and perch. If a bird cannot land and roost on the building, they cannot build their nests, leave harmful droppings and generally cause a nuisance to the property’s occupants or workers. Bird spikes are made from durable thin stainless steel forming a set of V shaped spikes that deter birds from landing and roosting along ledges or roof spaces. The tops of the spikes are blunted so that birds can safely be deterred, and they offer effective protection against roosting birds for more than 15 years.

What sort of bird pests do they deter?

Depending on where in Australia your property is situated, you can come across a number of pest species of birds. The pigeon is common in towns and cities, picking up food scraps and debris, and nesting in roof girders, warehouses or on ledges, producing a number of chicks throughout the year.

Smaller birds such as the English Sparrow or European Starling are pest birds who can be found in gardens or orchards, in the suburbs and towns, making nests in roof cavities and under eaves. In the same way there are different sized birds, there are different sizes of bird spikes, from the SGL4 Seagull Spike that can deal with seagulls or the magpies to the GX33 HD Gutter Spike which will stop smaller birds perching in gutters.

How easy are they to install?

Bird spikes can be fixed using a UV silicon adhesive or nails and screws and, in some areas, cabling may be used to attach to rounded surfaces, such as down pipes. The area is cleaned of bird droppings and debris before application of adhesive or screws and nails. If using an adhesive, a bead of the silicon is run along the base of the bird spike. It is positioned in the area required and pressed onto this area firmly.

VEXO bird spikes have predrilled holes ready to be screwed to the required area. Both silicon adhesive and screws can be used together to ensure the durability of the product. They are easy to install but you have to take into consideration where the installation is needed. Running a length of bird spikes along guttering one story high is reasonably simple. But if working at height, it is always best to get the professionals in when installing bird spikes.

Will they fit all areas even the problematic ones?

Not all buildings come in the same shape but there will be a bird spike solution that will fit even the small awkward roof areas or eaves. VEXO plastic spikes have a polycarbonate base which can be snapped into smaller pieces (the spikes themselves are stainless steel). Alternatively, the VEXO Stainless Steel spikes have a base that is flexible enough to fit around curved or uneven surfaces

How long with they last?

Bird spikes have to deal with the harshest of climates. All full stainless steel spikes are precision welded to avoid rust formation at the weld points , so they give effective protection for over 15 years.

Will they detract from the building?

The thin base and spikes mean that it is very discreet and difficult to spot so the building keeps its aesthetic appeal. If needed, they can be further powder coated to blend in further.

To keep your building clear of pest birds, get in touch with the experts in bird control spikes. With over 30 years’ experience in producing custom-made, high quality bird spikes, VEXO is here to help you with all of your bird deterrent needs. For further information on our products or buying bird spikes in wholesale, contact our friendly team today.