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For over 30 years, VEXO spikes has been the pioneer and leader in durable bird control spikes, continuously refining our design and manufacturing expertise. Our success as a family business is built upon the trust with our customers for over three decades, and our dedication to delivering solutions that outlast the market. VEXO spikes are the swiss army knife of bird spikes. Our products are durable and dependable for all situations where pest birds and rodents are found. We pride ourselves in producing high quality products that are rigorously controlled and tested.

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Our solutions are used across the world in US, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia, on landmark buildings and public infrastructures. Our discreet solutions are not easy to spot, but we are happy to be the quiet achievers, ensuring the public spaces, businesses and homes are clean and safe for occupants. We welcome you to explore our range of solutions and contact us to discuss further.

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How Durable are VEXO Spikes?

How Durable are VEXO Spikes?

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