How do Bird Spikes Compare to other methods of bird deterrents?
Bird spikes are an effective deterrent for birds scavenging or roosting on ledges. They are simple to install and don’t require extensive labour. Unlike electrical shock systems, it does not require power, and unlike gels which become ineffective once covered with dust or snow, spikes will remain effective for many years through extreme weather.

Do Bird Spikes harm birds?
No, Vexo bird spikes do not harm birds. Bird spikes are a humane method of bird control as it acts as a visual deterrent that is very effective in eliminating problematic birds in your area. The spikes are blunt, so birds are not harmed even if they attempt to land on them, it simply deters birds from landing within the area, creating a barrier for landing.

What are Bird Spikes and how do they work?
Vexo Bird Spikes are a physical and visual deterrent to stop and deter birds from landing, perching and/or nesting on a protected surface, without causing any harm. Spikes are blunt/curved rods that are made of stainless steel and attached to either a plastic or stainless steel base. Common areas that bird spikes are attached to are building ledges, walls, on top of commercial signage, window ledges, eaves, solar panels and gutters.

How do I pick the right bird spike?
Vexo Bird Spikes are available in a variety of different sizes and designs and offer durable and versatile protection against birds. - Extra wide range - to cover broad open surfaces - Extra high density range - to deter smaller birds - Ultra narrow range are ideal to fit onto signage and other narrow ledges - Extra tall / strong spikes are ideal of large birds such as seagulls and galas and protect against rodents entering under roofs

Are pest birds really that big of a problem?
While birds can be annoyingly noisy and leave quite an unsightly mess, more importantly birds can pose serious health risk as their nesting grounds and droppings can potentially carry around 60 transmittable diseases. Bird faeces is acidic and can erode building materials and cause stains on cars, houses and other outdoor products/structures. Therefore, it is important to address the bird problem before it begins to cause any harm and to eliminate the mess.

Who do I call when I notice a bird problem?
You will need to get in touch with a pest controller who specialises in Bird Control. You can visit our recommended pest control companies that can help you with your pest bird problems.

Can I install Bird Spikes myself?
You can attempt to DIY installation of spikes around your property. You can purchase or from one of our suppliers to source the spikes you need and resolve the issue yourself.

What is the difference between polycarbonate & stainless steel spikes?
Vexo plastic spikes are made from a strong polycarbonate material, which provides a wave base for added stability and coverage. The base only is made from polycarbonate (the spike material is 304 Stainless steel), and can easily be snapped into smaller pieces to ensure all problematic areas are covered. Polycarbonate spikes are less expensive when compared to a full stainless steel spike. Vexo Stainless Steel spikes are made from high grade #304 Stainless Steel. They are precision spot welded to produce the most durable bird deterrent solution and are less visible when compared to plastic. It’s thin malleable base allows the spike to be fitted to any uneven or curved surfaces.

What is the difference between exclusion and deterrent for bird control?
Bird Exclusion involves permanently ridding the area of birds by netting, trapping, baiting or shooting birds. Deterrents modify bird behaviour by making the environment unattractive for them and encouraging them to move away. Vexo offer a durable bird deterrent solution, which will keep birds away from the specified area. Vexo Bird spikes create a barrier which does not allow birds to land, perch or nest. Birds are not harmed they are simply deterred from the area and will choose somewhere else to go.
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Our video gallery provides great tips on how bird spikes work, how to pick the right one and how to install bird spikes.
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