How do I protect my veggie patch from possums?

Vexo | 7th December 2023

Ah, the eternal struggle between a veggie patch enthusiast and the cunning possum invaders – a tale as old as time, or at least as old as your first tomato plant. Firstly, let’s acknowledge the cunning nature of these possums. They’re like tiny, fur-covered ninjas with a penchant for sabotage. Fear not, fellow green-thumb warrior, here are some tips to protect your beloved veggies from pesky possums.

Picture this: a moonlit night, your veggie patch basking in the celestial glow, and there it is – the possum, a masked marauder with a taste for your homegrown delights. The battle lines are drawn, and you, my friend, are about to become the hero your veggies deserve.

1: The Great Wall of Net

Opt for an ‘exclusion method’ buy putting a big net over your prized veggies. But be warned, these naughty possums can figure out how to lift the net and get in, so you will need to invest in some tent pegs or a mechanism that can keep the nets down.

2: The Garlic Barrier Spell

Possums have a nose for trouble, especially when it comes to the aromatic allure of your veggies. Enter the garlic barrier spell. Plant some pungent garlic around the perimeter of your veggie haven. Possums might have a taste for veggies, but garlic? Not so much. It’s like an invisible force field that says, “You shall not pass… without shedding some tears.”

3: The Strategic Illumination Gambit

Possums are nocturnal creatures, sneaking into your veggie patch under the cover of darkness. Time to shed some light on the situation – literally. Install motion-activated lights to surprise these midnight marauders. Imagine their little possum faces caught in the spotlight, performing an impromptu moonlight ballet. A deterrent with a touch of Broadway flair.

4: VEXO Stainless Steel Spikes – The Fortress Wall

Now, let’s talk stainless steel spikes – the unsung heroes of veggie patch defence. Possums may be nimble, but they’re no acrobats. Install stainless steel spikes along fences or elevated surfaces surrounding your veggies, and voila! The possum parkour championship comes to an end. It’s like a VIP section for veggies, and possums didn’t make the guest list.

With your garlic spells, stainless steel barriers, with a touch of Broadway flair, revel in the victory harvest dance. Picture yourself waltzing through your veggie patch, triumphant and proud, as possums look on from a distance, in awe of your veggie sovereignty.

In the great veggie-possum saga, you, my friend, are the storyteller, the hero, and the guardian of all things green. With a sprinkle of DIY deterrent solutions and a touch of VEXO stainless steel magic, your veggie patch shall thrive, and the possums shall find solace in the abundance of neighbouring non-heroic gardens. Onward, veggie defender, to the lush realms of your possum-free paradise!


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