The Great DIY Summer Holiday with VEXO

Vexo | 14th December 2023

Ah, the Great Australian summer holiday break – a time for barbies, beach trips, and battling the avian army and sneaky possums that seems to have declared your home its vacation destination.

There’s no better time than now to put down your phone and pick up your tools. Let’s look at why arming your abode with VEXO Stainless Steel bird and pest deterrents during this summer break is the ultimate, feather or tail-ruffling genius move.


The Aussie Block Party Intruders: Possums

Summer nights in Australia are a symphony of cicadas, ocean waves, and possums performing their rendition of “Dance of the Fruit Raiders.” Possums, those nocturnal mischief-makers, love to crash your backyard barbie and feast on your garden’s green delights. Enter VEXO stainless steel spikes – the sentinels for your veggies. To deter these cheeky possums from scaling across your fence, try attaching our GX21 Gutter Spike – VEXO or SW71 Eave/Solar Spike – VEXO, designed for an easy install so you can get on your beers faster.  For more possum deterrent ideas, check out our blog article “How do I protect my veggie patch from possums with VEXO “ and share your ideas that have worked for you!


Cockatoos: The Mischievous Marauders

Cockatoos, those mischievous marauders with a penchant for picking at anything and a love for a good congregation in your gutter, aka Cockatoo Day Spa with a great vantage point in seeing what they can lay they beaks on next. Introduce them to GX33 HD Gutter Spike – VEXO, and suddenly your home is a fortress of feather resistance. Cockatoos may be cheeky, but they’ll think twice before trying to outsmart the stainless steel guardians.


Seagulls: The Coastal Commandos

For those lucky enough to live by the coast, seagulls are like the airborne pirates of the summer skies. They’ll snatch your chips, steal your ice cream, and leave you contemplating the true meaning of beachside serenity. Try installing our SGL4 Wide Tall Spike – VEXO on ledges crafted with marine grade steel and designed extra long to prevent seagulls from perching. Congratulations! Now you’ve just eliminated a vantage point and created a coastal defence perimeter, ensuring your seaside snacks remain firmly in your hands, not the clutches of opportunistic seagull buccaneers.


The BBQ Bandits: Pigeons

Pigeons, the unsolicited guests of every Aussie BBQ, seem to have a knack for timing their arrivals with the scent of sizzling sausages. With SS61 Ultra Wide Spike – VEXO strategically placed around your BBQ haven, you’ve just upgraded your backyard security and eliminated their favourite lookout. No longer shall pigeons be the gate crashers of your sausage sizzle. Let the BBQ feasting begin, uninterrupted.

In the grand theatre of the Aussie summer holiday break, where possums, cockatoos, seagulls and pigeons vie for the title of most audacious backyard visitors, VEXO stainless steel bird & pest deterrents emerges as the hero – the guardian of your home’s summer sanctity. So, my fellow DIYer, let the summer festivities begin, and may your backyard be a chip-thieving free paradise of laughter, BBQs, and uninterrupted siestas. Cheers to a VEXO-protected summer!

Did we miss a bird type? Check out our Bird Type Archives – VEXO for more information.


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