Durable Humane Bird Control
Spikes or Netting?
These are two of the most common methods to deter birds. Here’s a simple comparison of the two methods.
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Effective against birds roosting, perching, scavenging
Useful on ledges, fences, gutters, pipes, framing,
Simple, straight forward to install
Requires minimal tools
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Effective against birds nesting
Useful for cavities, canopies, eaves, open space
More planning and effort to install
Requires professional tools
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Stopping pest birds for more than 30 years
As the leading supplier of bird spikes in Australia, VEXO spikes is the swiss army knife of bird spikes. Our products are durable and dependable for all situations where you may find pest birds and rodents. We are a bird spikes supplier that prides ourselves on producing custom-made, high quality products through rigorous quality control and testing. Our effective solutions are used across the world in US, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia, on landmark buildings and public infrastructures.
About Us
Defend diseases
Birds can carry various diseases which can spread to humans – eg H5N1 avian flu.
Prevent droppings
Bird droppings are unsightly but also harbour harmful fungal spores.
Humane protection
Our range of durable solutions such as our bird spikes are humane, protecting birds and humans.
Australian Family Business
Our Australian family owned and operated business has refined our manufacturing process over two generations.
20 years Warranty
Back by 30 years of testing, we’re proud to offer 20 years’ warranty on our full stainless steel bird spikes in Australia.
Custom made solutions
We can custom make our bird spikes to specialised projects
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How Bird Spikes Work
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How Durable are VEXO Spikes?
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