Birds can cause considerable damage to buildings with the build-up of nesting material, blocking rain gulley’s and their droppings being a health hazard to the humans who live and work near their nesting area.

Some of the common bird pests in Australia include European starlings and English sparrows at the smaller end of the scale, with larger pest birds such as crows, pigeons, galas and seagulls at the other end.  One of the most popular bird control measures for buildings are bird spikes but it can be difficult to know which are the right bird spikes in Australia to use to reduce your bird pest problem.

In this article, we share helpful tips for choosing the right bird spikes.

Are the birds nesting or day roosting?

What you are trying to establish is whether the birds have nested and established themselves in the area on a permanent basis before considering installing stainless steel bird spikes.

If there is evidence of nesting material or if you have had sight of young birds and the adults are exhibiting territorial behaviour such as chasing away other birds, or gathering to roost in groups in the evening, then you have what is known as heavy bird pressure. If this is the case, then netting will be needed to stop the birds from reaching their favoured nesting areas. Netting a building is more effective to cover areas such as entrance awnings or loading docks and therefore blocking out the birds from landing.

For moderate bird pressure, where birds have established a pattern of day roosting, perching in your property, disturbing or defecating then moving on in the evening, then bird spikes are an effective solution.

What types of birds are you dealing with?

Once you have established that bird spikes are needed the area, the next step to consider is the type of bird you are aiming to keep away.

For the smaller birds such as the starlings, you need to install spikes that do not allow them to slip through the spike and continue to roost. Extra high-density spikes like the VEXO K6 range are best suited to the smaller species and you should choose an ultra-narrow range for smaller birds that are able to day roost on narrow ledges or on sign work.

For the larger pest bird such as the pigeon and galas, extra tall strong spikes such as the VEXO SGL4 need to be installed to stop these heavier pests from making a nuisance of themselves on your property.

Where should the spikes be installed?

Basically, the spikes need to be installed where birds are gathering in numbers, where they are perching or attempting to roost. These can be in the eaves of a roof space, a roof top decking area, a flat space above entrances or above external lighting fixtures.

The function of bird spikes is to stop the bird gaining access to these spots and you will need several rows of spikes to cover an area. There are spikes that are purpose made to fit across guttering such as the VEXO GX21 which fits securely within the gutter channel. These are not only highly effective but made from stainless steel making them extremely durable, yet fine enough not to detract from the overall aesthetics of a building.

How should the spikes be installed?

It is possible to install bird spikes yourself if you can safely reach the areas where they need to be installed. If it requires working at height or the areas are not easily accessible, you can arrange for a professional installation team to fit the spikes.

Otherwise, it is relatively simple to do so yourself. First of all, you need to remove all debris and wash away any bird droppings and scrub all areas with solvents. This is important because it also removes traces of the pheromones or scent of the birds that could entice the pests back again into that area.

Once clean and dry, use a durable adhesive to fix the bird spikes in place. No birds will be harmed by use of these bird spikes, but it will deter them from day roosting and move them on elsewhere.

At VEXO, we have over 30 years’ experience in producing custom-made, high quality bird spikes through rigorous quality control and testing. For further information on our VEXO products, contact our friendly team today.